Hop In Here And See What Family Prayers Does In Your Homes

Family is a blessing from God. However, there is our part to it to make it work. First we pray, and then we act upon the promises of the Word of God. This prayer guides you to attaining the happiness and unconditional love in your family with your kids and wife or husband!

God’s blessing is over my household. We are filled with the Holy Spirit, love, power and self-control. In my family, there is understanding and communication. We are united through the power of Jesus. He is the number one priority in this home. He will lift us up if we have failed. His Word shall fill us every day of our lives. I will take the responsibility of guiding my children in Your word. I will instill in them the love of God and the respect for others. Prayer has the power to change your life! In the name of Jesus, we can control what we speak, there will be no uncontrolled and rampant emotions or conduct in my house. I will not offend my spouse or children with my tongue. My children will not hear lies or gossip against ANYONE ever. We trust in Your help and Grace, Holy Spirit.

I make the commitment before You, Lord God, to teach my children to be content with what they have, but also to appreciate hard work and effort and study, save, fight and work with integrity to achieve a just salary and a future worthy of a child of God.

I am sure that by Your power and grace, by the instruction of Your word, I will not raise children that are temperamental, idlers, foolish, judgmental, contumacious and lovers of themselves. Give me the strength to teach my own example, so I declare that my children do not belong to prisons, gangs or drugs because in our household they will receive the attention, love, respect, friendship and understanding; not just yelling, scolding or insults.

Love when it’s time for love, discipline when discipline is needed, but in no way cruel and merciless punishment. Help me to keep this truth always in my heart so we can avoid bringing sadness or rebellion in my children’s heart because of unnecessary wrong discipline. I will teach my children that for misconduct, irresponsibility, arrogance and laziness, THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES: Spiritual, moral and financial ruin. I will teach my children that punishment does not come from the God who loves them, but from every misdeed, if we act in a disorderly manner. Jesus, my family depends on You: this family is YOURS, but I recognize my responsibility, bless my commitment to instruct my family in your word. I will seek You every day, and I will feed of Your word: GIVE ME OF YOUR GRACE, STRENGTH AND SUPERNATURAL POWER TO CONQUER and be a good Father or Mother. In the powerful name of Jesus. Amen.”

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